Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams Press:

Fox 6 WakeUp (December 26, 2016): Music & Comedy: Check out the holiday production of “Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams”

Shepherd Express (December 6, 2016): In Tandem Brings Back ‘Holiday Hell': A fun holiday show that’s more naughty than nice

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 4, 2016): ‘Holiday Hell’ a delightful mockery of seasonal pap (December 4, 2016): In Tandem starts another riot with ‘Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams’

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Joy Powers (December 2, 2016): ‘Holiday Hell': A Faustian Twist on Classic Christmas Variety Shows (November 18, 2016): Relevant Yet Irreverent, In Tandem Finds Niche in Holiday Entertainment

Dracula vs. The Nazis Press:

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North (October 5, 2016): ‘Dracula vs. The Nazis': A Two-Person Show with a Dozen Characters

Milwaukee Record (October 5, 2016): Just in time for Halloween/the election, ‘Dracula vs. The Nazis’ storms into town

2016-17 Season Press:

Wisconsin Gazette (September 8, 2016): Milwaukee theaters feature breadth and depth

Milwaukee Magazine (August 31, 2016): Fall arts guide 2016 (August 23, 2016): 24 exciting events in the 2016-17 MKE theater season 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (August 21, 2016): 25 Intriguing shows in Milwaukee’s new performing arts season

Ernest in Love Press:

Shepherd Express (April 26, 2016): Musical goes Wilde

Milwaukee Theatre Examiner (April 26, 2016): Mating call of the aristocrats

Urban Milwaukee (April 25, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ is a delight (April 23, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ closes In Tandem season with a howling success

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 23, 2016): Splendiferous ‘Ernest in Love’ lets Wilde burst into song 

Total Theater (April 23, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ Total Theater Review

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Preivew (April 15, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ infuses Wilde romance with music

Shepherd Express Preview (April 13, 2016): In Tandem and Milwaukee Opera Theatre Collaborate on ‘Ernest in Love’ 

Lamps for My Family Press:

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North: February 17 interview with Lamps playwright Michael Neville, actor Mark Corkins and artistic director Chris Flieller

Broadway World (February 22, 2016): In Tandem Illuminates Irish Heritage in “Lamps for My Family”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (February 20, 2016): In ‘Lamps,’ Mark Corkins shines light on a Milwaukee Irish family (February 20, 2016): “Lamps for My Family” takes a memorable voyage at In Tandem Theatre

Total Theater (February 20, 2016): Lamps for My Family

Shepherd Express (February 9, 2016; preview): Mark Corkins Portrays 20 Characters in ‘Lamps for My Family’

MEDIA RELEASE FEBRUARY 2016: In Tandem Theatre Rocks Out With Popular Concert Version Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar

MEDIA RELEASE JANUARY 2016: In Tandem Theatre Illuminates The Stage With “LAMPS FOR MY FAMILY”

A Twisted Carol Press:

Broadway World (December 8, 2015): In Tandem’s A Twisted Carol Fracture’s Dickens’ Timeless Tale

Shepherd Express (December 7, 2015): A Twisted Carol in Song and Dance

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North (December 4, 2015): Interview for A Twisted Carol with Chris Flieller and Nathan Wesselowski

Wisconsin Gazette (December 2, 2015; preview) In Tandem gives Dickens’ ‘Carol’ a twist

Urban Milwaukee (December 2, 2015; preview) In Tandem’s ‘A Twisted Carol’ takes a fresh look at the old skinflint 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 1, 2015; preview): Nathan Wesselowski brings musical chops to In Tandem’s ‘A Twisted Carol’

MEDIA RELEASE OCTOBER 2015: In Tandem Theatre Kicks Off the Holiday Season with New Musical Spoof

Any Given Monday Press:

Waukesha Freeman (October 15, 2015): “Any Given Monday” proves to be an unforgettable, complex drama

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (October 4, 2015): Hard-hitting comedy “Any Given Monday” puts points on the board (October 4, 2015): “Any Given Monday” takes ethical chaos to hilarious heights at In Tandem

Shepherd Express (September 23, 2015): Any Given Monday playwright talks about his play at In Tandem

MEDIA RELEASE SEPTEMBER 2015:In Tandem Theatre Board Welcomes Three New Members

Milwaukee Magazine (September 1, 2015): Upcoming Theatre in Milwaukee: Ernest in Love (August 25, 2015): The 15 Best Plays of the 2014-15 Theater Season

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (August 21, 2015): Any Given Monday Listed in Top 25 Promising Shows

Milwaukee Business Journal ( August 14, 2015): In Tandem Theatre on Book of Lists

MEDIA RELEASE AUGUST 2015: In Tandem Theatre Opens 2015-16 Season with Award-Winning Comedy