All The Great Books (abridged) Press:

Shepherd Express (October 10, 2017): Guffaws Abound at In Tandem’s ‘All The Great Books (Abridged)’

Ozaukee Living Local (October 11, 2017): ‘All The Great Books (Abridged)’ with In Tandem Theatre is worth going back to school for (October 9, 2017): ‘All The Great Books (abridged)’ litters In Tandem stage with laughs, literature (October 9, 2017): Reviews ‘All The Great Books (Abridged)’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (October 8, 2017): ‘Great Books (Abridged)’ a romp from Homer to Homer Simpson 

The Small Stage (October 8, 2017): Back to School with In Tandem

Dave Begel on Theater (October 8, 2017): Jarecki leads cast of literate illiterates at In Tandem

WUWM Lake Effect (October 6, 2017): In Tandem Finds Humor in Going Back to School

Shepherd Express Preview (October 5, 2017): In Tandem Reprises a Reduced Shakespeare Company Favorite 

20th Anniversary Press:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (May 31, 2017): Milwaukee Arts Board names Chris and Jane Flieller, Sheri Williams Pannell its Artist of the Year

MEDIA RELEASE May 2017: In Tandem Theatre Announces 20th Anniversary Season

Carnival Press: (May 5, 2017): In Tandem’s Enchanting Carnival Circles Audiences In Retro Magic 

Waukesha Freeman (May 4, 2017): In Tandem’s ‘Carnival’ soars with great balance in acting, singing, production

Total Theater (April 22, 2017): Review for Carnival (April 22, 2017): In Tandem’s ‘Carnival’ delivers a huge and spectacular production

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 22, 2017): ‘Carnival’ delivers genuine magic (and popcorn too)

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North (April 19, 2017): In Tandem Theatre Transforms into ‘Carnival’ (April 18, 2017): In Tandem prepares big tent, revival of classic French musical ‘Carnival’

Fox 6 WakeUp (April 17, 2017): In Tandem Theatre gets ready to put on its biggest show to date 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 14, 2017): Step right up to In Tandem’s ‘Carnival’ (April 11, 2017): The Carnival comes to Milwaukee, In Tandem Style

Time Stands Still Press:

Waukesha Freeman (March 2, 2017): When ‘Time Stands Still’ in four lives

Shepherd Express (February 28, 2017): Love and War with In Tandem’s ‘Time Stands Still’ (February 26, 2017) In Tandem’s ‘Time Stands Still’ travels the tough road of relationships in flux

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (February 26, 2017): Photojournalist becomes the story in ‘ Time Stands Still’ 

MEDIA RELEASE January 2017: In Tandem Theatre Presents Tony Award Nominated Drama, Time Stands Still

Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams Press:

Fox 6 WakeUp (December 26, 2016): Music & Comedy: Check out the holiday production of “Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams”

Shepherd Express (December 6, 2016): In Tandem Brings Back ‘Holiday Hell': A fun holiday show that’s more naughty than nice

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 4, 2016): ‘Holiday Hell’ a delightful mockery of seasonal pap (December 4, 2016): In Tandem starts another riot with ‘Holiday Hell: The Curse of Perry Williams’

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Joy Powers (December 2, 2016): ‘Holiday Hell': A Faustian Twist on Classic Christmas Variety Shows (November 18, 2016): Relevant Yet Irreverent, In Tandem Finds Niche in Holiday Entertainment

Dracula vs. The Nazis Press:

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North (October 5, 2016): ‘Dracula vs. The Nazis': A Two-Person Show with a Dozen Characters

Milwaukee Record (October 5, 2016): Just in time for Halloween/the election, ‘Dracula vs. The Nazis’ storms into town

2016-17 Season Press:

Wisconsin Gazette (September 8, 2016): Milwaukee theaters feature breadth and depth

Milwaukee Magazine (August 31, 2016): Fall arts guide 2016 (August 23, 2016): 24 exciting events in the 2016-17 MKE theater season 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (August 21, 2016): 25 Intriguing shows in Milwaukee’s new performing arts season

Ernest in Love Press:

Shepherd Express (April 26, 2016): Musical goes Wilde

Milwaukee Theatre Examiner (April 26, 2016): Mating call of the aristocrats

Urban Milwaukee (April 25, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ is a delight (April 23, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ closes In Tandem season with a howling success

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 23, 2016): Splendiferous ‘Ernest in Love’ lets Wilde burst into song 

Total Theater (April 23, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ Total Theater Review

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Preivew (April 15, 2016): ‘Ernest in Love’ infuses Wilde romance with music

Shepherd Express Preview (April 13, 2016): In Tandem and Milwaukee Opera Theatre Collaborate on ‘Ernest in Love’ 

Lamps for My Family Press:

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North: February 17 interview with Lamps playwright Michael Neville, actor Mark Corkins and artistic director Chris Flieller

Broadway World (February 22, 2016): In Tandem Illuminates Irish Heritage in “Lamps for My Family”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (February 20, 2016): In ‘Lamps,’ Mark Corkins shines light on a Milwaukee Irish family (February 20, 2016): “Lamps for My Family” takes a memorable voyage at In Tandem Theatre

Total Theater (February 20, 2016): Lamps for My Family

Shepherd Express (February 9, 2016; preview): Mark Corkins Portrays 20 Characters in ‘Lamps for My Family’

MEDIA RELEASE FEBRUARY 2016: In Tandem Theatre Rocks Out With Popular Concert Version Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar

MEDIA RELEASE JANUARY 2016: In Tandem Theatre Illuminates The Stage With “LAMPS FOR MY FAMILY”

A Twisted Carol Press:

Broadway World (December 8, 2015): In Tandem’s A Twisted Carol Fracture’s Dickens’ Timeless Tale

Shepherd Express (December 7, 2015): A Twisted Carol in Song and Dance

WUWM’s Lake Effect with Bonnie North (December 4, 2015): Interview for A Twisted Carol with Chris Flieller and Nathan Wesselowski

Wisconsin Gazette (December 2, 2015; preview) In Tandem gives Dickens’ ‘Carol’ a twist

Urban Milwaukee (December 2, 2015; preview) In Tandem’s ‘A Twisted Carol’ takes a fresh look at the old skinflint 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (December 1, 2015; preview): Nathan Wesselowski brings musical chops to In Tandem’s ‘A Twisted Carol’

MEDIA RELEASE OCTOBER 2015: In Tandem Theatre Kicks Off the Holiday Season with New Musical Spoof

Any Given Monday Press:

Waukesha Freeman (October 15, 2015): “Any Given Monday” proves to be an unforgettable, complex drama

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (October 4, 2015): Hard-hitting comedy “Any Given Monday” puts points on the board (October 4, 2015): “Any Given Monday” takes ethical chaos to hilarious heights at In Tandem

Shepherd Express (September 23, 2015): Any Given Monday playwright talks about his play at In Tandem

MEDIA RELEASE SEPTEMBER 2015:In Tandem Theatre Board Welcomes Three New Members

Milwaukee Magazine (September 1, 2015): Upcoming Theatre in Milwaukee: Ernest in Love (August 25, 2015): The 15 Best Plays of the 2014-15 Theater Season

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (August 21, 2015): Any Given Monday Listed in Top 25 Promising Shows

Milwaukee Business Journal ( August 14, 2015): In Tandem Theatre on Book of Lists

MEDIA RELEASE AUGUST 2015: In Tandem Theatre Opens 2015-16 Season with Award-Winning Comedy