10th Street Gallery Workshops

Tenth Street Gallery Artist-In-Residence Program and High School Workshops

The 10th Street Gallery, under the auspices of the Tenth Street Theatre (home of In Tandem Theatre), hosts an Artist-In-Residence Program and High School Workshop series.

In 2010, the gallery initiated the High School Workshop series. Twenty students from an MPS school with no visual arts education visit the gallery for four exhibits throughout the school year. Students explore the artwork in the gallery, followed by a presentation in the theatre by the exhibiting artist. The students then work with the artist to create their own art projects in the instructor's artistic genre. At the end of the year, friends, family, teachers and the general public are invited to an exhibition at which the student's artwork is displayed. A major benefit to the students is the chance to explore career options by speaking with the exhibiting artist. The program's popularity resulted in its expansion to two schools in 2011-2012.

The Artist-In-Residence Program, established in 2011, allows four local artists the opportunity to utilize unrestricted studio space at no cost in the theatre's building for a year. The artists provide exhibits, instruction to the high school students, and a group exhibit with fellow residents. Their involvement throughout the year enhances the workshops with a stronger connection between the artists and the gallery, therefore a stronger connection between the students and the artists. The gallery curator works with artists, teaching them business essentials for running a gallery including marketing, installation, and sales.

These programs were made possible, in part, by the generous support of the Mary L. Nohl Fund.