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Featured Artist: Melissa Musante


Exhibit: April 4 - May 18, 2014
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm and by appointment

Closing Reception: Sunday, May 18 from 4:30 - 7:30 pm
Refreshments ~ Cash Bar ~ Meet the Artist

About "Patination"

Youth does not appreciate the experience that comes with age.  Unfortunately we don’t know that when we’re young.  So, when that first “mid-life” crisis hits in our late twenties it does so with the force of a Mac truck or maybe a freight train.

When the next one hits, it’s not quite as bad.  The third one, boring. 

Then I got to my fourth, which tipped me upside and changed everything I thought I knew.  Suddenly, in spite of losing so much of what I thought matters, of losing the stuff that I thought defined me I discovered the things in my life that were actually important.  I realized that age was the grime on top of my original ambitions but those ambitions still shone beneath.  And in many ways I was better now than that kid that had boundless energy.  That kid that was taking the world by storm. 

As I scrubbed away the crap, getting down to what it was really all about I realized I was better than I’d ever been.  Original ambition was there and glowing strongly, but the Patina of my experience had formed me in ways that my 20-year-old self never could have imagined.  

This series is about that glow beneath the crud.  It’s about rubbing away the years and rediscovering what lies beneath.  Most of all it’s about cherishing who you are, grime and all.

~Melissa Musante

Artist Bio

Melissa Musante is a multi-disciplinary artist working in film/video, photography, gouache on paper, and acrylic on canvas.

She graduated cum laude from the Peck School of the Arts with a BFA focusing in Film & Theatre.  As a visual artist, she's been active with the Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN) for several years, serving as their Executive Director from 2009-2012, and has shown her work at galleries throughout the Milwaukee area. 

Melissa is also an independent filmmaker, formerly sitting on the boards of both the Milwaukee Independent Film Society and Film Wisconsin, as well as serving as the Milwaukee International Film Festival's Volunteer Coordinator in 2007. 

Many of her professional roles, outside the arts, have focused on sales and marketing and she has a passion for sharing her business acumen with creatives to help them lead more sustainable art careers.

Artist Statement     

I am obsessed with materials.  I am entranced by the textures of the support (canvas or heavy paper) and the way pigments mix on the support.  My works start with very small gouache on paper “studies”.  Sometimes the study is where the work stops; it cannot be enhanced by going larger.  Next an acrylic study is executed on a small canvas, often pushing the medium to its limits.  Finally, the works are taken to large scale and the colors nearly leap off the canvas.

Color is as important to my work as the materials I use.  And the entire process is as much about movement as anything.  The results are bold, moving statements of color. My paintings are purely an expression of the emotional release I feel during the act of creation.  The colors and movement of the pieces capture the feeling of that moment of discovery when the canvas is blank and anything is possible. 


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