In Tandem Shows

The Fantasticks

April 26 - May 20

A whimsical, funny and romantic musical about a boy, a girl, a wall and two fathers whose plans to bring their children together is by keeping them apart!

All The Great Books (Abridged)

October 5 - October 29

A drama professor, student teacher, and the gym coach join forces to help an English class pass their final exam as they plow through all the great works of literature – in 90 minutes flat!

Scrooge in Rouge

November 30 - January 7, 2018

A troupe of 23 players is about to embark on a musical adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ when 20 of them come down with food poisoning, leaving only 3 to put on the entire show!

The Outgoing Tide

February 22 - March 18

Gunner is beginning to forget words and getting confused. Tormented by the menacing grip of an aging mind, he hatches an unorthodox plan to secure his uncertain future.