In Tandem Shows

Any Given Monday

October 2 - October 25

by Bruce Graham

A wicked comedy that lays its cards on the table!

A Twisted Carol

December 4 - January 3, 2016

Book and lyrics by Mondy Carter; original music by Nathan Wesselowski

BRAND NEW! We’re twisting a beloved holiday classic like the Dickens!

Lamps for My Family

February 19 - March 13

by Michael Neville

A funny and poignant look at a little known chapter of Irish history in Milwaukee.

Ernest in Love

April 22 - May 15

Book and lyrics by Anne Croswell; music by Lee Pockriss

What’s better than a play by Oscar Wilde? An Oscar Wilde play set to music!

The Glass Menagerie

September 25 - October 19

by Tennessee Williams

An American theater classic, featuring Angela Iannone as the iconic Amanda Wingfield.

Come Back

February 27 - March 22

by Neil Haven

A smart new comedy by Neil Haven, author of Stuck!

Little by Little

May 1 - May 24

by Brad Ross, Ellen Greenfield, Hal Hackady and Annette Jolles

A delightfully witty romantic musical comedy!