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Enjoy a wide variety of visual arts exhibits throughout the year in the spacious lobby of the theatre. Paintings, fiber and multi-media are among the many types of work to be found. Sign up for our newsletter to receive information on exhibits and other gallery happenings.

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Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm or by appointment

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Kenneth Voight ken-voight-image

Signed and numbered photos are available for purchase.

Curated by Luke Farley

My name is Kenneth Voigt, I am an avid hiker and outdoors person. In fact nearly all my photographs are taken in the Wisconsin State Parks.

I would assume that most artist’s would include their training and experience to lend credibility to their work. Which I would normally accept as a standard practice. My Bio is quite a bit different.

I am not a skilled photographer of many years but I have been given a gift of photography. As far as I know no one else can take the type of photos I can. When you see them you will understand. The content, the colors, the composition is not really possible with normal cameras. So if you want to see something quite different, even a bit mysterious, come and take a look. I sincerely believe you will be amazed. None of the photos are computer generated or manipulated.