A Carnival comes to In Tandem Theatre

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Many years ago, I was in a community theater production of Carnival back in Michigan. I loved the show: the music, the characters, the setting. About two years ago, when we were looking for a spring musical for this season, I fondly remembered Carnival and wished we could produce it but thought, “It’s so big. It would never fit on our stage.” Then I remembered that when I was in it, we had done it in a large room of an abandoned firehouse.

Shortly after that, I began a conversation with Karl Miller, a local choreographer, about Carnival. The show was a favorite of his as well, and he too, had big ideas about a smaller production. So we put it in the season and now, finally, it’s all about to begin.

A carnival is a place where you can forget your troubles – lose yourself amidst the grandeur and illusion. A carnival comes and goes, leaving you breathless and content. But what happens if you pull back the curtain, revealing the people who are the carnival – who create that grandeur and illusion? We imagine they’re people who are truly living the dream – part of something magical and special. But they’re the same as you and I, made up of many different sides and with dreams of their own.

In Carnival, Paul dreams of finding purpose again – and love. Jacquot dreams of the rebirth of the carnival of his youth – rising from the ravages of war. Marco dreams of commanding the legitimate stages of Europe. And Lili dreams of a new family – somewhere to belong. Carnival teaches us that through love and perseverance, we can reach our dreams and the tough life lessons we learn along the way are a necessary part of that journey. And, of course, it’s a great big musical with music, dancing and laughter!

I couldn’t be happier with the cast, designers, band and crew we’ve assembled and look forward to putting this show together. Our plan is to make this show an immersive experience and we’ll be transforming the hallway and lobby into a Midway, of sorts, with lots of things to see and do like Tarot readings, a Wheel-of-Fortune Game, and cut-outs for picture taking. So we recommend getting here a little on the early side to take advantage of all the fun.


Carnival runs April 21 to May 14, 2017. Purchase tickets at 414-271-1371 or click here.